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Ladies, this is for you! We are looking for ladies to be part of our People’s Champ Round Girl Models in association with Yahu Blackwell’s (@YahuBlackwell) new boxing app, The People’s Champ App (@PeoplesChampApp).

We are asking for women from everywhere in the US to enter and become a People’s Champ Round Girl Model. Please take a fun and friendly photo of yourself in a victory pose and post it on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags:

Along with the photo you MUST attach the following hashtags to qualify:

#PeoplesChampApp #RoundGirlModels #YahuBlackwell.

If you are chosen as one of the People’s Champ round girl models you will also be a Brand Ambassador. It is a fantastic opportunity. You will be one of our chosen few to receive a gift bag (People’s Champ shirt, baseball cap and more) after your photo is taken and posted on Instagram with apparel you will receive $500 dollars. Please make sure to include the following hashtags plus 2 of your own to qualify; #YahuBlackwell #Newmobileapp #PeoplesChampApp #RoundGirlModels #YahuBlackwell @Team_Blackwell

Go to the following @PeoplesChampChallenge, to see an example of what we are looking for, but put your own fun and cute spin on it.

Please note no nudity or pornographic photos will be permitted. We want creative and empowered photos of women that appeal to a boxing sport audience wearing the People’s champ app t-shirt.

For more info, you can reach out to us at info@menminesmedia.com

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